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CORBIC (Sichuan Corbic Oil & Gas Engineering Co., LTD.) is an engineering company founded in 2008. Equipped with experience and talent, CORBIC delivers innovative and flexible solutions for repeatable project success—safely, on-schedule, and within budget. CORBIC has established a solid reputation in the Chinese gas processing field by providing the modular process plant design business.
We can provide innovative and efficient Oil & Gas solutions for each specific project, covering engineering design, procurement, modular unit supply and services in the Oil & Gas business.
▪ Process Expertise: Technology selection, Conceptual studies, Troubleshooting / Debottlenecking studies
▪ Engineering Services: Feed studies, Complete design of gas treatment plants (basic + detailed engineering)
EPC services
▪ Modular Unit Supply: Fully guaranteed custom made process——modular plant
We can deliver modular unit solutions customized to meet any client’s requirement, for instance, adverse weather conditions, and transport or plot area limitations.
The package is located in Shunnan wellhead 5-2, Ta zhong Oil Field, Qie mo County, Uygur autonomous region, Xinjiang province. The main facility is the modular device designed and supplied by Sichuan Corbic Oil and Gas E...
Sichuan Corbic had won national high and new technology enterprise [2015-11-10]
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